Professor Gill Valentine provides an update on our University’s sustainability strategy.

In October 2018, the University published its first sustainability strategy. This document set out our Year 1 Strategy, including principles for sustainability at Sheffield, and a commitment to publish a five year strategy.

Over the past year we have been talking to our colleagues and students to develop a five-year plan. Expert advisory groups have been engaging with a wide range of staff with expertise in sustainability to help us develop this.

You will also be aware that we’ve recently published a University Vision Green Paper and have been holding a University-wide conversation to collectively agree the direction we want to take as a university. From these conversations we will develop a new vision and strategy for the whole University.

Sustainability has been a strong and recurring theme from the consultation sessions and it is clear that it is a priority for both our staff and students. It is fantastic to see this enthusiasm and engagement across campus.

The University Executive Board has therefore agreed that our approach to sustainability should be aligned and embedded in the University’s vision and strategy. This will cause a delay in publishing the sustainability strategy, however, it will mean sustainability will be a fundamental consideration in the University’s decision making and also give our approach approval from the University Council.

I know this delay may be disappointing, particularly to the many members of staff and students that have played a part in developing the sustainability strategy. But please let me assure you that this revised timeline will not stop us continuing to take action on campus.

As set out in our Year 1 strategy, in the past year we have undertaken a number of actions to continue the work of making our University more sustainable. There are also a number of ongoing projects and work due to begin in the new year which will go ahead as planned. We have provided details of these projects below.

This will ensure that the drive, commitment and responsibility to enact sustainable change is embedded across the University and endorsed by our governance body.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our sustainability work.

Professor Gill Valentine
Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor


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