The University of Sheffield has been ranked in the top tier of a new league table looking at how universities are embracing sustainable travel.

Sheffield is one of only 10 UK universities to receive top marks, placing it in the elite A+ League.

As the world wakes up to the reality that we need to live greener if we are going to protect our planet, the new EV University League ranks more than 100 UK universities on their commitment to sustainable transportation and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure – to recognise the institutions which have embraced more sustainable ways of travelling to study and work.

In the five tier ranking system, the A+ League is reserved for universities which show exceptional infrastructure and commitment to eco-friendly transport practices, promoting sustainability for staff and students. 

The study, carried out by ranked 101 universities against the following criteria:

  • Does the university provide any electric vehicle charging for either staff, fleet, or students?
  • Is the charging of electric vehicles free?
  • Is the ratio of EV charging to total car parking spaces 1:100 or greater?
  • Is the ratio of bicycle spaces to car parking spaces 2:1 or greater?’s A+ ranked EV League

Scoring full marks against all benchmarks the University of Sheffield placed in the elite A+ tier for its exceptional commitment, putting it in the top 10% of eco-friendly universities in the country.

The full study, data and ranking criteria can be found on the study page.

As part of its recently released sustainability strategy, the University of Sheffield continues to promote a sustainable approach to travel including the promotion of active travel and the electrification of its fleet. Currently, 43% of the University’s fleet vehicles are electric and electric charging points are incorporated throughout its development activities. There are over 2,600 cycle spaces on campus. 

Salman Haqqi of commented: “Across the board, it’s encouraging to see so many universities taking active steps towards sustainable transport infrastructure by installing EV charging points or offering adequate bike facilities.

“The universities at the top of the league tables represent the most commitment to eco-friendly transportation, with the very best offering large amounts of free EV charging and ample bike facilities.”

Keith Lilley, Director of Infrastructure at the University of Sheffield added: “It is fantastic to have been recognised for the work that we have done to encourage sustainable travel.”

“At Sheffield, we understand that we can play a key role in promoting sustainability by making our campus more accessible for walking and cycling and investing in charging points to encourage the transition from fossil fuels to EVs. Our sustainability strategy shows our  continued commitment to this agenda by investing in a low-carbon fleet and working with the local authority to connect campus with the wider city.”

Dr Matt Watson, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield and chair of the University’s working group on carbon neutral travel, added:

“This is very welcome recognition of the University’s leading provision for sustainable travel. As the University’s sustainability strategy and action plan makes clear, this award winning position is now our foundation for ambitious further progress on sustainable, healthy and fair travel.”