The Corporate Communications Green Impact team have created a project in line with the unique challenges of a lockdown-affected year.

Green Impact at the University of Sheffield has had to adapt to home working. The Corporate Communications team sought to be creative to look at the ways in which members of the department and the wider University could become more sustainable in their everyday lives. 

A key challenge during lockdown has been looking after the mental and physical wellbeing of staff and students without the social interaction of the University. 

The team looked to nature to help remedy this challenge. A great deal of research, including from the Improved Wellbeing through Urban Nature (IWUN) project at the University of Sheffield has shown that access to nature and green spaces provides a wellbeing boost. At the same time, by accessing green spaces we can improve levels of physical activity and health outcomes.   

This has never been more important than during a period of increased social isolation and loneliness during the pandemic. 

Green spaces and wellbeing

The Corporate Communications Green Impact team’s wellbeing and green spaces project encourages everyone to get outdoors. 

It provides suggested walks and green spaces around Sheffield for all to enjoy, recognising the need that we all have from time to time for a little extra encouragement in getting out and about. Amenities are listed, helping to make those spaces more accessible or desirable to help encourage further activity. These suggested green spaces will continue to be updated over time. 

The project recognises that often, walks in nature are a great way to hear the sounds of the world around you after a day spent inside. At other times, we all need something to keep us interested, motivated and engaged whilst we walk. The site details entertainment recommendations, suggests a series of challenges to get us all trying something new, provides suggestions for activities for children, highlights signs of spring that may be spotted in nature and suggests wellbeing tips for us all to practise some self care.