Group1 Automotive has examined which universities have the highest percentage of electric cars in their fleets, which have the highest percentage of diesel, as well as the overall numbers in the fleets across the board.

This information was obtained with a Freedom of Information request to universities. 132 universities were asked, with 99 responding and 33 refusing to provide an answer or not responding in time.

Subsequently the universities were split into three tiers: 

Tier 1 – 33% + Electric Vehicles

Tier 2 – 11% – 32% Electric Vehicles

Tier 3 – 0% – 10% Electric Vehicles

The University of Sheffield ranked as a top tier university, with 46% of its fleet made up of electric vehicles.

In its sustainability action plan, the University is working to electrify its entire fleet where appropriate low carbon alternatives are available. Earlier this year, another sustainable travel league table found the University of Sheffield to be a top tier university for sustainable travel.

Read more from the University’s sustainability strategy and action plan here.