The Student Commissioners of the Climate Commission for UK Higher and Further Education have published their COY16 (Conference of Youth) Student Statement. 

The COY16 Student Statement includes nine demands to address identified gaps or issues within the UK FHE sector in tackling the climate and ecological emergency in the run up to the crucial COP26 talks to be held in Glasgow later this year. Marta Crispo, a Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures PhD student at the University of Sheffield, is one of the four Student Commissioners that has coordinated this work. 

The statement has drawn on focus groups from across UK universities and colleges and highlights the strength of feeling held by UK students. For example, 90% of students are very or fairly concerned about climate change with 91% of students agreeing that their place of study should actively incorporate and promote sustainable development.

The statement addresses a number of issues that students have identified across the FHE sector before articulating 9 key demands that students want to see represented at COY16 and COP26. 

Marta Crispo, Student Commissioner on the Climate Commission and PhD student at the University of Sheffield, said: “Students recognise the urgency of the climate and ecological emergencies and that there are many structural reasons why the FHE sector is not adequately addressing our concerns. You can make your voice heard by supporting our demands and signing our statement.”