The Urban Institute is an international research centre at the University of Sheffield that examines how cities are responding to the challenges and opportunities of intensified urbanisation, technological innovation and resource constraint.

With ‘climate urbanism’ as one of its 8 research themes, it is of no surprise that they have been directly involved in COP26. This research theme examines the history, processes and implications of the rise of climate urbanism as a model for urban development. 

Climate urbanism focuses on how people inhabit cities, hot to protect infrastructures and how changing governing practices will enable urban transformations under climate change. As urban populations are predicted to increase and over half the world’s population currently living in urban environments, research into climate urbanism is crucial to the adaptation of cities in the climate crisis.

At COP26, The Urban Institute has attended sessions with team members participating as expert speakers and interviewees for media.

Professor Vanesa Castán Broto was invited to participate in the “Urban informality & inequality – a call for global climate justice” panel session, a video of which can be found here. The aim of the panel was to shape critical policy and research priorities for addressing climate change equitably in cities. 

Political Scientist Dr Linda Westman was also interviewed by Toby Foster for BBC Radio Breakfast show to discuss what COP is all about and why it is important, a recording of which can be found here.

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