As part of the University of Sheffield’s commitment to providing students and graduates with employment opportunities within sustainability, we are delighted to share three exciting opportunities to work directly on sustainability across the institution. 

In the University’s Sustainability Action Plan, we pledged to provide employment opportunities to students and graduates. Sustainability is increasingly something that we see our students wish to engage with, including in their potential career trajectory, so as well as involving students in our sustainability governance structures, we want to provide other opportunities to gain work experience on campus.

According to the Students Organising for Sustainability Organisation (SOS-UK), 91% of surveyed students want their place of study to actively incorporate and promote sustainable development and over 80% of students indicated they were willing to sacrifice some earning power in their career, in order to contribute to a positive social and environmental record.

Despite this commitment, sustainability can often be difficult to break into for any new graduate. As a socially and environmentally-conscious institution, the University aims to provide a supportive paid platform for our students and graduates to gain crucial experience.   

This summer we have three roles across the University which will help to support us to reach our sustainability goals. 

Sustainability Impact Coordinator

Our sustainability work looks to align with the international scientific consensus, embodied by the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A crucial element to embedding sustainable change across the institution is about understanding our impact across a range of social, environmental and economic indicators. 

We are looking for a knowledgeable and passionate student to help us research and communicate the impact of the University of Sheffield’s contribution to the SDGs.

You will work across the University carrying out desk-based research on the different ways we’re helping to achieve the 17 SDGs. This might include; carbon-saving initiatives and infrastructure the University has put in place; research into sustainability; how we’re embedding the SDGs into our curriculum; and ways we’re helping to create a more just and sustainable society. 

The information gathered will be aligned with the entry requirements for the THE Impact Rankings, which the University is hoping to enter for the first time this year. In addition, the information will be collated as a series of key facts and case studies ready to be published as new web pages on the main University website.

Sustainable Careers Intern

Sustainable careers are increasingly being discussed across the Higher Education sector. We are keen to engage pragmatically in this discussion and look at ways in which we can support the promotion of sustainability careers throughout the University’s careers offering. 

The main aim of this internship will be to conduct desk-based research into careers and job roles which contribute to sustainable development objectives.

It would be helpful for applicants to have some understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and a keen interest in sustainability and climate protection. You will also need to have good desk-based research skills and an ability to present detailed information clearly and informatively. You will also need to be self-directed in your tasks.

Residences Biodiversity Officer

One key impact the University can have within the city of Sheffield is through sound management of our green spaces. 

The University is committed to maximising the ecological value of its green space and the University’s Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) sets out our vision and plans to protect and enhance the biodiversity value of the estate. Through two successive previous internships, we have carried out an audit to assess the biodiversity value of the green space on main campus and undertaken a review of the connectivity of these spaces.

We would like to undertake a similar review of the green space at the residences so that we can proactively maximise the ecological value of our green space for the benefit of a wide range of flora and fauna, whilst at the same time retaining its functional value for our student residents.

All three roles will work closely with existing sustainability staff at the University of Sheffield. Applications close 23:59 [GMT] on Sunday 20th March 2022.